Birth Story of Isla Eve Peyton—The Pregnancy

The story of Isla’s birth isn’t complete without touching on my pregnancy experience.

Health and fitness have been critical aspects of my adult life, and when I got pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to be as healthy as I could for myself and for her. For me, that meant nourishing food and daily workouts to meet my physical, emotional and mental needs.

I lived life the best way I knew how in an attempt to achieve optimal health for me and the tiny life that was growing inside of me.

At the time of filming this video, I was 35 weeks pregnant and an avid CrossFit athlete of more than four years. I was well aware of the stigma that often surrounds pregnant women who do CrossFit, but I never considered giving up my fitness regimen.

CrossFit and nutrition kept me feeling semi-normal in a time when my body was going through all kinds of turmoil and changes.

Every woman, body, birth and baby is different. This story was part of my journey.

Video by Ian Wittenber


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