Birth Story of Nevin DaSilva

After an undesirable hospital experience with my first, I started researching home birth. Never thinking it was a real option for me. My research showed me it could be an option for anyone who wanted it!

My mother had always said absolutely no to home birth. But once I decided this was definitely my plan, she asked to be educated as she’d always support me no matter my decision.

I found an amazing midwife I interviewed before getting pregnant.

Once pregnant, I immediately started going to her and felt more taken care of this pregnancy than the whole time with my first: hour-long appts, the ability to text her anytime with questions and concerns.

Finally the day came: 10 p.m. on Sunday, my water broke!  I didn’t start contracting until Monday morning around 6/7 a.m. My midwife checked on me around 10 a.m. Contractions weren’t very close yet. My family arrived. I have a two story. So I was able to labor alone upstairs in my room while everyone prepped downstairs. My three siblings, mother-in-law, and mother were there. My mother and husband helped me through contractions. By 12/1 contractions were getting pretty close at 4-6 minutes apart. The assistant midwife arrived. Close to 2 p.m. she checked me. I was very thin but only 4-5 cm, which was a bit disappointing as the contractions were starting to get overwhelming. Up until this point I was ahead of the contractions and pushing through them. I could deal with them. Now they were getting to the point that I couldn’t handle them anymore. And I was ready to give up. As the contraction that finally made me feel like giving up started ending I felt my body push. I had an epidural with my first and never felt this sensation. It was the most intense feeling.

My midwife was on her way but hadn’t arrived yet. But I was definitely pushing. Finally, my photographer and midwife arrived. She had me get on all fours. Things were happening too fast and I wasn’t getting into my pool like I planned. I pushed for about 9 minutes and Nevin was born right on my bed at 2:38 p.m. I dilated from 5 to 10 in less than 30 minutes.

The experience was amazing. He was born in his own home surrounded only by people who loved him. I immediately picked him up. He got all of his cord blood. His brother immediately got to see him. He left the room for a couple minutes and ended up missing the whole thing it went so quick.

My skeptical mother and mother-in-law were fully convinced home birth was the way to go. Especially during COVID. Daddy was in awe.

Most amazing experience of my life.

We took a dip in the pool after the cord was cut since it was already set up. It felt sooo good. And baby felt like he was back in the womb

Written by Katelyn Horton

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