About The BIRTH Project

Welcome to The BIRTH Project! My goal with this endeavor is to create a safe space and empowering reads for all women in which ALL birth experiences are celebrated.

Whether you had a home birth, hospital birth, epidural or medicated birth, natural birth, C-section, pre-term or late-term birth, water birth, orgasmic birth (lucky!), or anything in between, it should be sacred and honored.

My name is Nicole Peyton. I am a 35-year-old mother of two, Isla Eve, 4, and Ellis Grey, 2. I’m from Santa Cruz, California, where I live with my little ones, husband, Chad, and our pup, Lulu.

Since having kids, I have become passionate and inspired by the birth community and I hope to add some value to it through storytelling. The BIRTH Project is a place to tell your birth story and read others. I hope it’s a place that leaves you feeling inspired, empowered and able.