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Birth Story of Isla Eve Peyton—The Pregnancy

The story of Isla’s birth isn’t complete without touching on my pregnancy experience. Health and fitness have been critical aspects of my adult life, and when I got pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to be as healthy as I could for myself and for… Continue Reading “Birth Story of Isla Eve Peyton—The Pregnancy”

Birth Story of Dylan Savino DiPalma

April 9, 2009, was the day I became a mommy. My husband Mike and I headed to Sutter Maternity Center in Santa Cruz, California, early that Thursday morning. I had a scheduled induction, as I was 11 days past my due date and there… Continue Reading “Birth Story of Dylan Savino DiPalma”

Birth Story of Miles Christopher Shelley

I did it! I gave birth to my son Miles Christopher Shelley at my midwife’s home, no drugs, all natural, on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018, at 1:37 p.m.—one day before my birthday! He weighed 7 lb., 7 oz. My birth experience was not anything… Continue Reading “Birth Story of Miles Christopher Shelley”

Birth Story of Isla Eve Peyton

Welcome to The BIRTH Project! This inaugural birth story is the reason The BIRTH Project exists. The best way for me to explain how I became passionate about birth stories is to tell mine. The experiencing of birthing my first born opened up a… Continue Reading “Birth Story of Isla Eve Peyton”